Regional Land Use Planning

CNFF is working to support sustainable land use, urban infill and growth patterns that protect our vital wilderness and agricultural areas. Our organization monitors the progression of decisions that affect our natural resources including the county's General Plan updates, SANDAG's Regional Transportation Plan, subdivision and development permitting, the Sunrise Powerlink project and more.

The links posted below relate to our efforts surrounding regional land use planning in San Diego county.

Sunrise Powerlink Donation Letter

(pdf document)

San Diego's Transportation Future

Article published in the San Diego Union-Tribune
by Duncan McFetridge


Greenbelt Alliance

Since 1958, Greenbelt Alliance has worked to protect open space and promote livable communities throughout the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area. With field offices in Santa Rosa, Fairfield, Walnut Creek, and San Jose, Greenbelt Alliance works with residents and local officials to create inviting, walkable neighborhoods surrounded by a protected greenbelt of open space. Greenbelt Alliance is a membership-based organization.